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Born in Damascus, Syria, the oldest living city, to a family of artists, writers and generally creative intellectual people, I was blessed with exposure to many different ideas and artistic endeavors. With this to my advantage, I went to college to study both English literature and architecture; I graduated with a B.Arch. from the School of Fine Arts at Damascus University.

The plan got side tracked when I accompanied my husband to the United States for his specialized studies; we both got addicted to freedom and decided to stay. Years later; after two children, an active life as a "home maker," and explorations of different art media; an empty nest syndrome prompted me to begin studies of pottery.

In pottery I found home. Pottery became a hobby, a passion, and a must. It entered my dreams at night, my thinking during the day, and became an all consuming occupation or preoccupation.

Clay became my favored medium with its malleability and forgiveness in its raw stage and permanence and beauty in the finished work.

It is the sculpture that I form, the canvas that I paint, and the embodiment of my thoughts and feelings.

I started on the wheel and loved the flow of throwing, went on to altering, engraving and adding, then on to slabs and sculpture. I found that I need all these skills combined to get what I want and move forward with my art.

Water flow captured my architectural tendencies so I started making fountains, enjoying the challenges they present. I also started making gestures of figurines that I called Claybeings because they took on a life of their own.

And so it goes: Everyday is a new challenge and every work an opening into another.

And now the business side is done, I am off on new adventures and different focus, thank you for visiting

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